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Training You To Update Your Own Website In-House

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Have a question about updating your site?  Let us know and we will make a short video showing you exactly the steps you need to take.  Surf’s Up client’s love this!

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If you are not making regular updates to your website, it is our recommendation you have your website designer make them for you.

  • Can’t spare key people / time
  • Don’t have in-house computer / graphics expertise
  • Keeping up with technology

If part of your internet marketing strategy is to be making updates to your website on a regular basis, we recommend that you have someone in-house.

  • Save Money
  • Greater control
  • Ease in updating
  • Updates done in a timely manner
  • Value-added employee

About 60% of our clients maintain their own website, but often refer to us for the latest information about search engines and other issues.

Sounds too simple? This is why it works – Knowing you will be having someone update your website in-house effects how your site is originally designed. It is our job to make updating your website easy by creating templates using extremely user-friendly software. We make sure the technical stuff is already in place. If you can operate your email program, you can update the content of your website.