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Redesign Your Existing Website

There are many reasons for redesigning your website. Just a few are listed below.  If you feel that it’s time to redesign your website, please request your no cost, no obligation quote.

Your website is not mobile friendly.

If you look at your statistics you will see exactly what percentage of people are using a mobile device to access your website. In general, this number has increased over 300% in the past 3 years. Your site needs to display correctly on mobile phones and tablets.

Your website looks dated.

Just like hairstyles, websites date. What was all the rage a couple of years ago is now seen as passé. If your site is looking a little old, tired and sporting a beehive, it’s probably time for a makeover!

You want to stay ahead of your competition.

The web makes it easy for people to find information about your company and services at the click of a button. The down side is that this holds true for your competitors as well. It’s important for your website to make an impact and stay ahead. Your website needs to out-do your competition or you’ll face losing valuable clients. Spend a bit of time looking at your competition; analyzing competitor’s sites is one of the most important parts of the redesign process. How does your website compare to theirs? If they are “better” than yours it’s definitely time for a redesign. It’s much better to be leading the pack than following.

Your current website design does not reflect your brand or the aspirations of your clients.

When people visit your site, they see it as a reflection of your company. If your site looks professional and is full of helpful content they will see you as professional and helpful. If your site is sending the wrong messages, it’s time to get your website redesigned.

Your website does not reflect where you’re heading, yet where you’ve been.

If your site is more than a couple of years old the chances are it’s more a reflection of where you’ve been than where you’re heading. Redesigning your site not only gives you the chance to align it with your current message, it also gives you the opportunity to think about where you’re heading and to plan for the future. It allows you to sit down and really work out a strategy, learn about your clients, your competition, and set new business goals and success criteria.

You want to update the content yourself, to keep your site fresh.

One of the best things about using the internet rather than traditional channels is the ability it gives to respond to market changes, new business opportunities or customer requirements. You don’t have to wait until your current brochure run is used up before you make changes; you can simply update your site whenever you want.

Fresh website content is an extremely important factor in encouraging people to revisit your site and can help give you the edge over your competition.  Approximately 60% of our clients take advantage of our ability to build sites and provide simple instructions for them to update their own website in-house.

You want to attract more visitors.

A site redesign can help you attract more visitors in a number of ways. Building search engine ‘find-ability’ into a new site is much more effective than trying to increase your find-ability once a site has been built. Your site also needs to offer visitors useful information that helps them achieve their goals.

If your visitors’ goals – and your business objectives – are not the focus of your website, it’s time to think about a redesign.

You need to get prospects to convert to clients and shoppers to buy.

It’s amazing to think how many websites still get built without any goals or success criteria being set. The first step is to set some goals and success criteria for your site. What exactly are you trying to achieve and how will you know how when you’ve achieved it? Who are your users, what do you want them to do and what do they want to do?

With firm goals and an understanding of your visitors you can make informed decisions on how the site should look, work and sound. Does the site design back up your goals? Does the navigation encourage people to click on the section you want them to click on? How about the content – does it have the right tone? Does it encourage people to buy that product, register for that newsletter, read that article?

Make the site easier to use, help clients find what they (and you) want. A site redesign will enable you to listen to your users, find out what helps them (and what frustrates them) and build a site that is easier to use and thus more effective.

A new website is a great marketing and PR opportunity.

Having a site redesign is a great opportunity to contact your existing customers, potential customers and the press. It gives you an excuse to contact them and let them know what you’re doing, what’s new and that you’re keeping things up-to-date.  Simply put, a site redesign can be a great marketing and PR tool for your business.

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